Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

Enroot Solutions has a unique engineering approach to staffing needs. Recruitment Divided on functional and technology lines which enables us achieve Speed and Efficiency. Rapid response times and reduced cycles. Engineering Approach to Staffing. Understanding technology helps in understanding client requirement at every level and then source the right candidate tailored to their specific needs technically and also culturally. Currently delivering all project services (Design, development, test and Maintenance) in scope.

Business plan market: Prepare, Attract, Offer, Assimilate to 80% of joining ratio i.e better conversion. Service with focused lean, tools/accelerators – 6 to 10% Y-o-Y productivity gains Sustained Morale is ensured through out Employee Engagement.

Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a third party handling service of business processes, especially in the Information Technology sector. It involves transfer of operations and responsibilities of the complete process to the outsourced company. The team recruits, manages and executes the operations either on client site or in-house.

Why Enroot Solutions?
For all your business processes including back office and front office, we provide an Information Technology enabled service as well as outsource consulting from strategies to infrastructure. Leave your BPO requirements to us and run your business operations efficiently. Get industry-best Business Process Outsourcing solutions at competitive prices without the hassle of hiring or managing the workforce.

Management Benefits
Outsourcing entire business process and its operations is much more efficient than building and managing an in-house team. The expertise that we, at Pacific provide complements to the existing benefits of outsourcing making Business Process Outsourcing an efficient solution for your needs.

TAT Benefits
Our team of experts transfer responsibility of the entire business process operations from your organization in the fastest turnaround team, reducing the time wasted in training and personalizing business solutions.

Cost Benefits
Not only does our service enable cost efficiency over in-house operations management, it also enables tax benefits, as you do not need to take charge of payroll, benefits and increments of the staff. The entire expense is reflected as external, leading to multiple tax benefits.

Competitive Benefits
A BPO allows businesses to complete mandatory tasks without the hassle of handling the resources. This gives the business a competitive advantage by giving freedom of focusing on core functions for business growth.

Hire, Train & Deploy

Hire-Train-Deploy is an extensively industry-specific service that provides customized resources ready to deploy for custom tasks or projects. An HTD service provider understands the client requirements, shortlists candidates based on the job or project description, and trains the resources to prepare them for deployment in the organization. An HTD outsource company aims at filling the gaps between corporate requirements and candidate skills for industry-specific needs.

Why Enroot Solutions?
As the IT industry is evolving, new parameters are being set for the employees to meet. But the large number of headcounts makes it difficult to train and deploy resources in-house. That’s why, we have an expert team that is always updated on latest trends, and performs efficient H2D/TD tasks for you. Simply provide us your specific requirements of skill-set and we will deliver the resource to you.

Profound Knowledge
Our team of experts have high knowledge of every industry to search, filter, train and deploy the right resource in your organization. Our training and mentoring programmers include both corporate as well as customer based sessions to enable complete support right from the start.

Add Value
The resource that we hire, train and deploy not only complete the given tasks on time and with quality, but also ensure to tap on any scope of improvement for adding value. This makes our workforce deployment one of the best both for short and long-term projects, globally.

Competitive Advantage
Our team of seasoned mentors, turned consultants are personally involved in doing more than meeting the requirements. This gives the business a sharp competitive advantage over rivals from ready-to-perform workforce driving faster and higher quality results.

Cost Savings
At Pacific, cost efficiency is taken as one of the prioritized aspects of providing quality solutions. The training programs at our facility come at a competitive cost as compared to any other leading HTD service provider. This, along with minimal resource attrition, ensures that the business starts experiencing end-to-end cost benefits.

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